Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wonderful Husband

I just wanted everyone to know how much I love my husband and how wonderful he is. Tomorrow is my Birthday and today he surprised me with a Cricut! If you don't know what a cricut is go to Its a great craft/scrapbooking/making cards machine. I wanted it to make crafts with. I have been way into making crafts latley. The thing is I didn't deserve anything for my Birthday because I already got something. I got a great new flat iron that was way expensive about a month ago and when I got it I told Deven that could be my Birthday present. Then I saw the Cricut and learned more about it and really wanted one. Deven said no because my flat iron was too much and that was my present and I had told him that was my present. Just to explain my flat iron was $140 dollars and that was with my sister in laws discount because she is a stylist. I know that seems a lot but its super nice and they where having a special deal where it would have a 4 year warranity on it. That sold me right there because I have had problems with my other not to cheap flat irons.
So I kept bugging Deven about the Cricut and then my mother in law called him and asked him to go in on a Birthday present. Deven was with me at the time so he said he would think about it. I was thinking about it and new that my mother in law new how bad I wanted a Cricut and knew thats the present they where discussing. So I told Deven that I new thats what it was and he kept saying no because of my flat iron. So at last I decided he was right and I would just have to wait for Christmas. Needless to say he totally surprised me a day early with it and I was shocked. I went to take Majlin to school and I go to get in my vechicle and there it was. It was so funny because I was way excited and Majlin all the sudden was "Good Job Daddy"! It was hillarious. I'm still in shock that I got it and can't believe it. Deven does so much for our family. He goes to school full time and works full time. We barley see him since he's in school again and he's the one that should be getting double presents. I just wanted to let him know how thankful for everything he does for us and our family. He spoils me and the children and loves us so much and we love him so much. He didn't have to get me anything but he did. I love you Deven! Also I can't leave out my wonderful In-laws who suggested it to him. Thanks for the present. Love you guys!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Individual Soccer Picture

Individual picture. So cute!

Majlin's Soccer Pictures

Majlin got her Soccer pictures taken last week and we where so worried they wouldn't turn out because she has a tendency to look away from the camera when you take pictures or look in a different direction and she tries to do this funky fake smile. Needless to say she looked at the camera and she is smiling so pretty. I think they came out great. We couldn't be more pleased with the picture.

Needless to say in the group picture she is not looking at the camera. I guess you can't have everything. It was so funny when the photographer was trying to take this picture. One of the boys kept on holding himself, he had to go pee and everytime they told him to stop holding himself he would but then he would go right back to it again. The poor camera man. Trying to get that boy from holding himself and all the kids to look is a miracle so you can't complain to much about the picture. Kids just don't like to hold still :)

Jumkin Jacks Part 2

Erik was tired of waiting for me to take him on the Titantic
slide and so he learned to climb it all by himself.

Erik almost to the top
Erik about to go down the slide
Erik being cute. Don't you love the drool on his chin.
Majlin and Bristol

We had so much fun that we decided this would be the perfect place for Majlin's 5th Birthday party. Thanks Teri and Bristol for inviting us.

Jumkin Jacks

Majlin's and Erik's cousin Bristol and "Aunt Teri" asked us if we would like to go to Jumkin Jacks with them. We have never been and so we where way excited to go. We had so much fun.

Top of big slide ready to go down.
Majlin going down the slide
Bristol and Majlin
Majlin trying to decide what to do next
Erik going down a slide. He had so much fun. I had to help him get up on all the slides and it was exhausing. If you ever want to get exercise go to a jump house with your child.