Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Majlin's Soccer Pictures

Majlin got her Soccer pictures taken last week and we where so worried they wouldn't turn out because she has a tendency to look away from the camera when you take pictures or look in a different direction and she tries to do this funky fake smile. Needless to say she looked at the camera and she is smiling so pretty. I think they came out great. We couldn't be more pleased with the picture.

Needless to say in the group picture she is not looking at the camera. I guess you can't have everything. It was so funny when the photographer was trying to take this picture. One of the boys kept on holding himself, he had to go pee and everytime they told him to stop holding himself he would but then he would go right back to it again. The poor camera man. Trying to get that boy from holding himself and all the kids to look is a miracle so you can't complain to much about the picture. Kids just don't like to hold still :)

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The Boren Family said...

Those are so cute! I Hope you feel better. We need to plan a weekend to come up or you guys come down!