Wednesday, December 31, 2008

More Crafts

I know your probably getting tired of my craft post but I like to show of what I have made. I think my Ho Ho blocks came out great!
We made this sign for Deven's parents and then one for us. Its a Disney saying. We love Disneyland and so does Deven's parents. If you look closely there is a Mickey on the dot on the eye. Majlin had to of course be in the picture.

Santa Claus

The kids where so excited to see Santa Claus. It took us forever to go see him but we at last go there. Erik was not afraid at all. He kept saying "ho ho" and both kids where waiting patiently in line :) For some odd reason Santa Claus kept on looking away from the camera. He kept looking to the side.

Majlin asked for Lucky the Incredible Pup and Tinker Bell the Movie

We told Santa that Erik wanted Pat Pat Rocket

Majlin is giddy.
Waiting to see Santa Claus

Ginger Bread House

So here is our Gingerbread house that we made. All Erik wanted to do was Eat the Gingerbread pieces. He actually got a bite of one of the gingerbread pieces so our house had a big bite out of it. Majlin was a big help this year. She loved doing it.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Craft Projects

So my favorite pass time is to do crafts. I love my Cricut so much! There is this great wood store up in Salt Lake where you buy the wood and then you finish the projects yourself. I would of never been able to do any of these without my Cricut.

My wonderful husband came up with this idea. He's so brilliant! If you cant read the saying it says "They followed a"

This is a coat rack. Deven was tired of our jackets hanging around and so he was like when you go to the wood store see if there is anything to make a coat rack with. They actually had something! So this is the final project. I love it. The saying took us forever to come up with, and we are very happy with it.

Happy Thanksgiving

Majlin being Cute, Thanksgiving Day
Majlin and her Cousin "Izzy" who is visiting from Colorado, They are best pals!


Majlin and Erik actually liking each other. :)

I know this is a little late, but I just wanted to wish everybody a Happy Thanksgiving.
We had a good Thanksgiving. We went over to Deven's parents house Thanksgiving night and had a wonderful meal. The rest of the day we just hung out. It was a very quiet day and didn't seem like Thanksgiving. Where does the time go? It also was a reality shock to us because it might be our last Thanksgiving here before we move. If all goes well, we will be having Thanksgiving next year in Missouri and be with my family. Since Deven and me have been married, 7 years, we haven't had a Thanksgiving with my parents and so I can't wait for next year. Deven, can never get off work during the Holiday season because he works at Costco and during the holidays they don't allow anybody to take off work, especially supervisors. So it will be nice when Deven has a job where he can take time off during the holidays. I'm so thankful for my family and for everything Deven does for our family. I'm thankful that Deven is almost done with SCHOOL! I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Erik's turns 2!

On November 2, Erik turned 2. It was great besides that we all where sick. Early that morning Erik woke up throwing up and then on top of that we all have colds. I was suppose to make Erik a dinosaur cake but because I was so sick that didn't happen. Had to go order a cake the day before. There also wasn't a lot of people there because everyone didn't want to come over with everyone being sick. Thats ok because we still had fun. Erik really didn't know what to think at first because he had seen sister open present after present the week before. When he realized they where for him, he was in Heaven. One of the presents he got was a "Cars Backpack" and i think that was his favorite present. He has been carrying sisters old backpack around forever and so we decided to get him a backpack and his expression when he opened it and saw what it was, was priceless. He also got an umbrella which he loves, no longer stealing sisters. He also got way excited for a Elmo Birthday card. Overall he had a great Birthday and got lots of BOY TOYS, which he loves. Can't wait for Christmas

His Elmo Birthday Car

His Backpack

Blowing out his candles. He was way excited for this and new what to do right away. Before we could even sing Happy Birthday he had blown out his candle so we had to relight the candle

Halloween Night/Majlin's Birthday

The day at last catching up to her
One last present

Majlin excited for us to sing Happy Birthday to her again!

On Halloween Night we just sang to Majlin and she blew out her candle. We had left over cake from a couple days before and we just used that. Needless to say no one had cake that night and the cake went in the trash. We where caked out. It being the 3rd Birthday singing in a week.

Trick or Treating

We ran into cousin Bristol in town

We went Trick or Treating in our town and at the Church. Unfortunately Erik was coming down with something and by the time we got to the church he had enough. Majlin on the other had could of kept on going and going.

Majlin's school Halloween Parade and Program

Majlin as a Butterfly

All of her class.

Her walking partner

So of course on Majlin's Birthday/Halloween she had school but luckily they had a fun day planned. They did a parade and a Halloween Parade. Majlin did so good.


Majlin's B-day party with Family

Majlin and her Sleeping Beauty, walking horse and Sleeping Beauty Doll. She was so happy.

I made this Cake. Majlin had a Butterfly theme for her Birthday.