Sunday, October 12, 2008

First Craft

This is my first craft project with my Birthday Present, "Cricut". I had so much fun doing this. I'm so excited to make other signs for Holidays and stuff around the house.

Gardner Village Part 3

These witches dance. They go around in a circle.

Inside this building is a great restaurant. They serve fried green tomatoes that are really good and fried avocadoes which are great!

Garnder Village Part 2

If you look, you can see a cat chasing a mouse.
Wasn't ready for the picture yet.

Gardner Village

Every year at Gardner Village during Halloween time, they decorate the grounds with Witches. Its so much fun.

Deven and the kids

Petting Zoo Part 2

Majlin and her fake smile

Gardner Village Petting Zoo

The day after Brandee's Birthday we went to Gardner Village. Brandee and the kids love it, Deven not so much. Its a girl place. Gardner Village has a whole bunch of cute shops and has a petting zoo for the kids and pony rides.
Majlin loves pony rides
Erik loves pony rides too!

Erik was a little afraid of the animals. He loves animals but has never been this close to them. He kept on going up to them, from a distance and saying "hi". It was so cute. Eventually he started to pet them.
Majlin is not afraid at all.

Birthday Fun

Starting to go up the ski lift
All of us
Looking behind us going up the ski lift. The tree's were just starting to change.
On my Brandee's Birthday we went to Park City and did some shopping at the Outlets there and then went and rode the Alpine Slide and Alpine Rollercoaster. If you ever go to Park City I Highly Recommend it. Erik wasn't able to do the Alpine Rollercoaster but was able to do the Alpine slide and he loved it.

Tired Boy

When Erik gets really tired he will fall asleep anywhere. This is an example of him doing that. He loves his green dino and his blanket.