Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Erik's turns 2!

On November 2, Erik turned 2. It was great besides that we all where sick. Early that morning Erik woke up throwing up and then on top of that we all have colds. I was suppose to make Erik a dinosaur cake but because I was so sick that didn't happen. Had to go order a cake the day before. There also wasn't a lot of people there because everyone didn't want to come over with everyone being sick. Thats ok because we still had fun. Erik really didn't know what to think at first because he had seen sister open present after present the week before. When he realized they where for him, he was in Heaven. One of the presents he got was a "Cars Backpack" and i think that was his favorite present. He has been carrying sisters old backpack around forever and so we decided to get him a backpack and his expression when he opened it and saw what it was, was priceless. He also got an umbrella which he loves, no longer stealing sisters. He also got way excited for a Elmo Birthday card. Overall he had a great Birthday and got lots of BOY TOYS, which he loves. Can't wait for Christmas

His Elmo Birthday Car

His Backpack

Blowing out his candles. He was way excited for this and new what to do right away. Before we could even sing Happy Birthday he had blown out his candle so we had to relight the candle


teriandbristol said...

Happy Birthday Erik! Looks like fun!

Shelly Merryweather said...

Don't forget about Sharlas birthday on Sunday!

Heather Smith said...

I love your blog Brandee! Is it okay if I use it as an example during the RS thing Tues?