Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baby Rabbit

About 3 weeks ago I saw a stray cat in the backyard that comes and visits us often and is very friendly. We decided to go out and say hi. We went out and he was by some shrubs in our yard. You could tell he was trying to protect something. He is a great hunter and always brings in animals in our yard that he has caught. So i was about to grab a stick to see what it was and i heard something squeaking so i started poking around the shrubs and it looked like there was a nest built in the shrubs and then all the sudden i see this thing that looks like a mouse and i was freaked and then i noticed that it had long ears and realized it was a bunny. You see we have had this rabbit in our yard right by the shrubs and it was so hard to get out of the yard. I didn't want the rabbit in our yard because we have zuccini plants growing and didn't want the rabbit to eat them. So all this time the rabbit was building a nest. There was only one baby rabbit and so i picked it up and saved it from the cat. Needless to say the kids LOVED it! They where so excited. Majlin wanted to keep it but i new if we kept it it would die. It probably was only a couple days old. So i found somebody who rescues wild animals and she said she would take it. So before we took it to the lady we took some pictures. Majlin wasn't very happy that we didn't get to keep it. I don't know if the rabbit survived or not but at least i saved it from the cat. It was to darn cute to let the cat eat. Needless to say i'm pretty positive that the cat had its brothers and sisters for breakfast because Deven saw the cat there earlier in the morning.


Jeremy, Natalie, and Asia said...

Hey, Brandee! Nice blog! I'm hooked on blogging. We're doing really well and so are my dad and sister. Thanks for asking.
The bunny is so cute (not as cute your kids though)! I'm glad you got to save it. Keep in touch!

April, Tom, Aarynn, and Lily said...

Too, too cute! I love bunnies!
I cannot believe how big your kids have grown! Glad to now be able to keep up with them through the wonderful word of blogs!