Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Majlins "First Haircut"

This is Majlins "First Haircut". It is definitly not her fist, but it is her first one she has ever done herself.

Majlin and her "styling partner" Grace were at her house playing. They were cutting out paper dolls. They decided to cut each others hair with the crafting scissors they were using.

When Graces Mom dropped Majlin off was the first time anyone noticed that the two had given themselves haircuts.

The ironey is that Brandee over the weekend was telling everyone how Majlin had never gotten into scissors and never cut her own hair.

Isn't being a parent so much fun


Michelle said...

I gave Aubry a "haircut" once. My mom didn't like it and then the hair stylist yelled at me for cutting her hair. I didn't see the big deal, it was only a tiny section of her bangs. Nevermind that I cut them all the way teh scalp!!!

Kyrsten said...

She is just trying to be like her favorite Aunt...I just hope she doesn't put me out of a job.

The Boren Family said...

ok that is funny. So that just happened yesterday? We made it home it was such a long drive. I hope that you guys will be able to come down next month.

Christina said...

Oh no! I keep hearing stories like that and it freaks me out so badly! I've finally gotten Ariana's hair thicker. lol. (Her cousins would be the ones if anyone and they'd do it out of spite... ugh). Sorry she did that... were you able to save it? It doesn't look too bad... thank heavens for braids... lol.