Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Baby bunny

I decided to take the baby bunny to my In-Laws house to let them see it before we took it to the rescue shelter.
Erik wanted to hold it so bad but he was being a little rough and so he only got to look at it and touch it.
So tiny
My nephew Sam loved the bunny. I think he would of liked to keep it too.


Rey and Meegan said...

Hi Brandee!
I am so glad you found me!! Your kids are adorable! Your daughter reminds me of you when you were small. Please tell your parents we love them and miss them. Be sure to check my blog often. It will be fun!

Michelle said...

It's so tiny. I hope it survives!

teriandbristol said...

Oh, so cute and also weird looking! I am so glad you have more blogs! Yay! How are you? I haven't talked to you forever! I start work on Tuesday... :(

Scott&Mandi said...

What a cute post! Your kids are so cute Brandee! Do you like Utah? Hope you're doing well! You guys all look great! :)